Pushing Battle Rap Culture Forward

The inspiration behind BattleDomination came from noticing a lack of online outlets promoting battle rap culture. The battle rap scene is steadily growing on a daily basis without a subsequent growth in coverage.


#1 Source of Motivation, Nutrition, & Tips

FitnessMC is steadily growing to become one of the most trustworthy sources for exercise, weight-loss, and diet articles on the web. The website currently serves to over hundreds of people each day as a media outlet for fitness.


That Redefine Journalism In Their Genres

HYERAP shares the hottest trending topics in hiphop culture as it’s happening. According Business Insider, “Hip-hop surpassed rock as the most popular genre in the US last year.” The site is also very active in social media; including a successful Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram page.


That Redefine Journalism In Their Genres

The second installment to our fitness based sites. Myafit focuses on everything relating to yoga. The variety in instructional videos range from beginner level to very advanced level movements.


User-Submitted Lols

The popularity of memes have taken the internet by storm. Postmemes’ social media posts serve as a perfect tool to drive more traffic to the the site’s video, allowing for photos on the social media but full length meme inspired videos on the site.


Home Of Pranks

Prank & Prank Calls have grown to become some of the most popular categories on YouTube. The virality of pranks led to a surge in profiles focusing on daily prank content. The purpose of Prankcartel is to serve as a home to the top pranksters so you don’t need to search the internet to find the best pranks.

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